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To Buy: this marketplace (shared spreadsheet) is a listing of masks for sale by local sewists, as a community resource. If you are looking to purchase a mask, you can use the marketplace to find mask makers who are selling cloth face coverings locally.

The Santa Barbara County Mask Network does not recommend or endorse any of the mask makers who are listed in this marketplace. We do not inspect or certify their products. We simply offer these listings to help consumers find local mask makers. We recommend that anyone looking to buy a cloth face covering first learn about recommendations for best mask materials and designs and ask the vendor about their materials and design, as well as their recommendations for use and care.

To Sell: Sewists with masks for sale may sign up for a free listing here. Any information you provide will be publicly available, so please consider what you want to post (phone and email, for example) before submitting your listing. Sewists may provide inventory updates through the same form.